Wallpaper Ceiling Install Tutorial

When you’re already putting in the effort and working hard to make your home’s or apartment’s rooms look beautiful, the ceiling should be the exact same way! Our Loomwell online damage-free wallpaper store is all about helping our clients make the most of their interior design projects by providing necessary application tips and strategies for a beautiful final result.

There are many reasons to love our removable wallpaper — it’s a great way to add a touch of personality to your home without the hassle, mess, or long-term commitment of wallpaper that is traditionally applied to a wall. Our peel and stick wallpaper can also help you cover up any imperfections in your walls — or ceilings — and can be a great way to make your living space feel like a true home. Let our Loomwell interior design experts help you make the most of your temporary wallpaper project by helping you apply it to not only the walls of a chosen space, but the ceilings as well!

Follow our video and step-by-step instructions below to learn more about how you can effectively and seamlessly apply peel and stick wallpaper to your overhead panels! Browse our other tutorials as well and contact us with any questions!

Acquire All the Removable Wallpaper Measurements You’ll Need

The first step in applying our Loomwell peel and stick wallpaper to your ceiling actually doesn't involve any wallpaper at all; it’s important to know how many panels you need before you get into the nitty-gritty. Using a step-stool or ladder, carefully measure the height and width of your room’s ceiling — ideally with a partner — according to how you want the pattern of your wallpaper to appear. Depending on the construction of your room, you may want to apply waller to the entire ceiling, or to only a small section of it. But regardless,  take time to gather the right measurement, as this will make later steps much easier. 

Using these measurements, browse our entire Loomwell collection of peel and stick wallpaper and find the perfect color or pattern for you! Keep the height and width of your ceiling in mind so you order the right number of panels to complete your entire project! Keep in mind choosing a darker color or an intricate, busy pattern can more easily camouflage the traditionally heavy texture of most home ceilings. 

Remove Any Objects from The Ceiling Prior to Installation 

After you have picked out the perfect damage-free wallpaper and after it has arrived, it’s time to ensure your ceiling is ready for application. Carefully remove any objects from the ceiling that can get in the way of you applying the temporary wallpaper, including vents, lighting fixtures, fire alarms, and more. Keep these objects in a safe out-of-the-way spot so you can easily reinstall them after your peel and stick wallpaper is in place!

Clean Your Ceiling Before Applying Temporary Wallpaper

It can be extraordinarily difficult to ensure a seamless and precise fit with your damage-free wallpaper when the surface is dirty. Bits of dust, cobwebs, and other sources of debris can prevent the Loomwell temporary wallpaper from being applied correctly, which is why it’s critical to ensure your ceiling is clean. Dust and debris can also cause the wallpaper to become loose and fall off the wall or make it difficult to remove the wallpaper later on. Carefully wipe your ceiling down — again relying on a step-stool or ladder — with a damp microfiber cloth to ensure you have a clean slate on which to apply your wallpaper. Keep in mind this step is especially important when it comes to areas that are near air vents, as it’s easier for dust to accumulate there.

Start Applying Your First Peel and Stick Wallpaper Panel

After your room's ceiling is clean and any excess moisture from the damp cloth is wiped away, it’s time to apply your first panel. Choose an A panel that you received from your Loomwell shipment of damage-free wallpaper and make sure you still have a partner by your side to help you with this application. Enlisting the help of another person makes the entire installation process so much more smoothly and decreases your chances of having to make adjustments or making mistakes.

As you work on applying the peel and stick wallpaper A panel to your ceiling, have one person hold the weight of the panel up while the other person presses the panel into the ceiling. It’s important to ensure the edges of the panel align with the corners accurately and are free of any potential air bubbles. Always start one to two inches over your starting line to account for any wall lines that are crooked or do not align with a straight edge.

Trim Your Damage-Free Wallpaper Along The Way

Contrary to how you should apply our Loomwell temporary wallpaper to other walls in a certain room, it’s important to trim as you apply wallpaper to your ceiling. When you are approaching an obstacle when applying wallpaper to your ceiling — such as a light fixture or fire alarm plug-in — cut around it as you install it with an exacto-knife or other precise cutting tool. In this case, you do not want to wait until all of your removable wallpaper panel is in place before cutting because this can cause the surrounding area to bubble and lose its aesthetic value.

After your A panel is fully applied to your bedroom, living room, or home office ceiling, it’s time to grab another panel and repeat the same procedure. Follow the exact same steps until you get to the very last panel of peel and stick wallpaper.

A Tip For Applying Your Last Temporary Wallpaper Panel

By the time you get to your last damage-free wallpaper panel, you will likely have a much smaller space of bare ceiling to decorate. A tip our Loomwell interior design staff recommends is to trim your final removable wallpaper to fit the bare area exactly — as opposed to sticking the entire panel over such a small space — while also allowing an extra two to three inches just in case. Following this step makes handling and applying the peel and stick wallpaper much easier and manageable.

Loomwell Post-Installation Recommendations 

Once every square inch of your room’s ceiling is covered with damage-free wallpaper, now is the time to use your exacto-knife or other precise cutting tools to trim the edges. This includes taking off excess wallpaper that extends past the ceiling and down onto the other walls of the room. After this is complete, you are free to re-install the obstacles you removed beforehand, including any light fixtures or fire alarms. 

If you are concerned about the long-term durability of your cleaning’s temporary wallpaper, it’s possible to reinforce the corners with a 3M Command Hanging Strip; this may be necessary for your peace of mind, as ceilings typically have heavier textures and the full panel is constantly fighting gravity more so than other walls in your room.

Decorate Your Entire Living Space With Peel and Stick Wallpaper Now

Loomwell is excited to help you decorate each and every wall in your home with durable, seamless damage-free wallpaper! Follow our tips above to easily apply your favorite colors or patterns to your ceilings and browse all our other tutorials to ensure a smooth installation!