Removing Your Peel and Stick Wallpaper

When you’re done with a particular design or your style choices for a particular room have changed, you may be considering changing out the peel and stick wallpaper you previously installed from Loomwell. That’s fantastic! Peel and stick wallpaper removal is just even easier than installation, and we’re here to help you with an in-depth guide for removing your wallpaper easily. If you’d like to see a quick guide in action about peel and stick wallpaper removal, watch the video below. Otherwise, continue reading below the video for tips and tricks to help with your damage-free wallpaper removal from Loomwell.

Prepare Your Room

Of course, your first step is going to be preparing your room for removal! Be sure to move furniture away from the walls that you are removing wallpaper from, creating enough space for yourself to move around. If your room is tall and you cannot reach the top of the wall, be sure to have a ladder or a step stool on hand to give yourself the boost you need to reach the corners of the wall and the edges of your wallpaper. Once you’re done and you have your ladder ready, be sure to remove your outlet covers, light switch covers, and any wall art, hangings, or additions from your wall. This will make your removal process a lot easier and quicker!

Start in the Corners

Once you’ve gotten everything prepared and out of your way, you can start peeling away your wallpaper for removal! Start in the corners of your room first. Our wallpaper is designed not to damage your walls as it comes off, but it is durable and tear-resistant, so it’s best to find where the edges of each panel are instead of trying to cut into the peel and stick wallpaper during removal. If you’re having trouble getting one of the corners to start peeling, don’t worry! You can use a small blade or thin tool to get under the corner of the wallpaper and lift until the paper is peeled away enough that you can grab it. Be sure to do this at the top corner of your wall or another area that is less noticeable, just in case your tool makes a small mark on the wall. After you’ve gotten your wallpaper peeling started in the corner of your panel, you can start peeling it off of your wall!

Move The Same Direction as Installation

For peel and stick wallpaper removal, we recommend moving in the same direction as installation for your wall! This will make the process smoother and more streamlined, especially if you have panels that have slightly overlapping edges. By moving in the same direction that you did during your installation process, your panels are more likely to stick together and come off in a single piece as you peel, making your removal even easier and quicker than starting over with each panel. If your panels do not stick together, however, you don’t need to stress! Just use the same method outlined above to find the corners of each panel you remove and peel away your wallpaper in increments.

Be Sure To Move Slowly

One of our peel and stick wallpaper removal tips that we try to stress for our customers is to be patient and move slowly! While peeling away your wallpaper will be a lot easier and faster than the installation was, you’ll still benefit from taking your time. This way, you can easily catch yourself and prevent tears, rips, or roadblocks from the wallpaper getting stuck on the wall for some reason. Moving slowly is especially important if you have wallpaper that has been up for a long time. While our wallpaper is designed to prevent damage and residue, adhesives do not always react the same to every surface, so peeling too quickly may create sticky spots, and if the paint on the wall beneath your wallpaper is older, peeling too fast may damage it. Instead, it’s best to move slowly, and peel in the same size sections that you used to install: 18- to 24-inch sections. We also recommend that you peel down the wall instead of up, rolling, or folding the paper as you go. This will help to keep the excess peeled wallpaper out of your way and gravity can help as you move downward, but either direction works well for your removal process.

Enjoy Zero Residue and Easy Removal!

Once you’re done with peeling, you’ll enjoy a beautiful, blank canvas for new designs with no adhesive residue and no damage!After you’ve removed all of your peel and stick wallpaper, you can easily dispose of it. Our wallpaper is environmentally safe and biodegradable over time, so you can put it in your recycling bin instead of your trash bin! Because our peel and stick wallpaper designs contain no PVC, they are non-toxic and contain no glycol-ether, formaldehyde, or phthalates, you can also feel good about recycling your used panels. Unfortunately, these panels are not designed to be re-used, so once you’ve removed them from your wall, it is unlikely they will stick to other walls, so we don’t recommend trying to place them elsewhere.

Shop for New Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Once you’re done with your peel and stick wallpaper removal process and have disposed of your old wallpaper, you can shop for more at Loomwell! Whether you’re removing your peel and stick wallpaper because you’re moving, you’ve decided that you want a different colour or style for your room, or even if you just aren’t in love with the old wallpaper anymore, Loomwell makes it easy to install or remove beautiful wallpaper in a variety of colors and designs. Shop from our wide selection of wallpapers, browse our Artist Collections from 2020, 2021, or 2022, or find the best deals on our site by visiting our Sale page! 

Design and decorate your home for a beautiful space that inspires and comforts you. Shop for peel and stick wallpaper online today at Loomwell!