Removable Wallpaper Full Room Tutorial

If you're looking for a way to add some personality to your existing home décor, look no further than Loomwell! Our selection of beautiful, removable wallpaper is perfect for any room in your house that you’re interested in giving a fresh, new look. If you're looking for a temporary solution to coordinate your living room with the changing seasons, or are interested in making your rental apartment feel more like your style, our damage-free wallpaper can help you make the most of your living space!

Giving your entire home a redesign can be daunting at first, but our Loomwell peel and stick wallpaper experts are here to help you every step of the way! Browse through our guide down below on applying removable wallpaper to all four walls of a specific room and check out our other tutorials to make your home truly one of a kind. Shop all our beginner-friendly interior design products and contact us with any additional questions!

Start By Measuring Your Chosen Room’s Walls 

Before you get too ahead of yourself, our Loomwell interior design and peel and stick wallpaper experts recommend measuring the width of your chosen room’s walls in inches. This will ensure you not only purchase enough temporary wallpaper for your entire decorating project, but also that each section will fit properly. Best practice when preparing to apply our Loomwell damage-free wallpaper is to add up the measurements of each wall, as if you were going to apply one large section of wallpaper to the entire room. Treating the entire space as one continuous wall at this stage makes for easy application later!

Speaking of which, it is also a good idea to consider any doors in the room you’re aiming to decorate, as you'll need to account for those when hanging the wallpaper. In the case of our Loomwell peel and stick wallpaper, shorter panels can be used to cover the wall above the door frame; all this requires you as the homeowner or apartment renter to calculate where the last full-length panel will fall.

Calculate How Many Removable Wallpaper Panels You’ll Need

Measure how long — in inches — your temporary wallpaper starting point is from the door frame and divide that by 24. Round that quotient up to the nearest whole number, as this will determine how many full panels of our damage-free wallpaper you will need before you use smaller panels for those harder-to-reach areas. The next step is to take that whole number you have calculated and multiply it by 24; this result will tell you have many inches from your starting point the last full panel will fall.

The next step is to do a little more measuring — calculate the remaining width (in inches) above the door frame and divide that number by 24. Round this quotient down to the nearest whole number, and this will tell you how many smaller panels of temporary wallpaper you will need to fully decorate your room. 

Please keep in mind that if you have a window in the space you are decorating, it’s important to measure each wall as if the window is not there. Thai will ensure the pattern of your chosen Loomwell peel and stick wallpaper is seamless and blends in smoothly with the other walls. 

Now that you know about how many panels of damage-free wallpaper you will need, measure the height of your room and round up to the nearest whole number. This will tell you the size of panels you need to begin your interior design project!

Begin the Installation of Your Temporary Wallpaper

We recommend that you start the installation of your Loomwell peel and stick wallpaper with the most basic wall — one without doors or windows. Our interior design staff recommend starting here as it will avoid any skewment of the measurements and prevent interruptions in your wallpaper's pattern or design. Another tip is to start application on a corner of the wall that you don’t immediately look at when you enter the room or a corner that will have furniture hiding it from view. This is because this will be the corner that will likely have mismatching peel and stick wallpaper patterns and won’t blend in as seamlessly as the other corners. 

As you begin sticking your damage-free wallpaper onto the walls, avoid cutting any panels when you arrive at a corner — simply press into the corner and watch our Loomwell panels glide into place.

When you get to the doorway in your room, you will notice a full hanging temporary wallpaper panel over the door frame; this is the piece we accounted for when measuring in the prior steps. It is at this point you will use one of the smaller panels you have ordered. When you get to a window wall when decorating, pay attention to if your window has a trim or not; windows without trim should have wallpaper that directly hangs over the window itself. Any necessary trimming will be done at a later step.

When you get to the final corner of your space, Loomwell recommends you tuck the last inch or two of the peel and stick wallpaper under the first panel you started with; this will ensure the corner looks clean and blends in well with the rest of the space.

Trim Any Excess Damage-Free Wallpaper

It is at this stage we can start making sure your peel and stick wallpaper fits in nicely with where your room’s walls meet the floor. Trim any excess wallpaper panels with an exacto-knife or other precise cutting tool. Remember it is critical to wait until now to perform this step just in case any adjustments need to be made along the way!

Let Loomwell Help You Apply Beautiful Peel and Stick Wallpaper

If you have any issues during the application process of your removable wallpaper, follow our detailed video instructions at the top of this page and contact us with any questions! Our mission at Loomwell is to help homeowners, apartment renters, and property owners make the most of their living spaces and create a timeless interior design.

Not only do we believe peel and stick wallpaper is a great way to add color and pattern to a room without having to paint or commit to a permanent change, but it is also much easier to apply and remove than traditional wallpaper. Whether you want to frequently change your room’s design to match the changing seasons or are simply feeling like switching up your home decor on a regular basis, our Loomwell removable wallpaper is perfect. Our mission is to provide an inexpensive way to make a big impact in a room, with a wide variety of colors and patterns available to choose from, so you can find the perfect look for your home.

Browse all our temporary wallpaper panels online now and read through our other tutorials if you’re interested in decorating one singular wall or going about your interior design project another way.