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Measuring Tips

How to measure your wall and calculate panels: 



To calculate, measure the wall you plan to install the wallpaper on. Measure the width in inches and divide it by 24. Take that number and round it up to the WHOLE number. For example if your wall is 112 inches wide, divide it by 24 and you get 4.66, that means you need 5 panels! Then measure your walls height from ceiling to baseboard and select the 4 foot, 8 foot, or 10 foot etc. option based on how tall your ceiling is. 

When caculating manually and using our our online calculator, the result should be the same. 

Any wall with a door in the middle, or window, it is best to ignore these things when calculating panels. This ensures the pattern remains seamless around all door or windows. 

If you do measure around a window or a door, know that the pattern may not match up perfectly from panel to panel. 

The only circumstance that you are able to measure around a door are the following: 


A door in the corner:  


A door or opening that is wider than 24 inches and goes all the way to the floor:

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