Vinyl Removal Tips

If you are looking for “how to take off vinyl”, you’ve come to the right place! If you have Loomwell Home Goods vinyls hung up on your walls but you're ready for something new, that is no problem! Our vinyls make it easy to install and remove when you're ready for something different. Whether you want to change the style of a room or you are renting out a space and it is time to leave, by following our vinyl removal tips, you can have your vinyl pieces removed in no time! Keep reading to learn the best tips and tricks when it comes to removing vinyl to keep your walls looking smooth and clean during the process.

Vinyl Removal

Where to Start

If you have layered pieces of vinyl, remove them one piece at a time to ensure that you prevent scraping your walls. Remove the front pieces first by starting at the top and then slowly pulling down towards the bottom of the vinyl piece. After successfully doing this to your pieces of vinyl, you should be left with a clean and damage free wall. Although this process does not take long to remove, still take your time at removing each piece to keep everything as mess-free and damage-free as possible.

Focus On Smaller Sections

If you notice that you are having to pull extra hard to get the vinyl strips off the walls, you can focus on smaller sections of the strips at a time. Use something sharp to gently start pulling sections, but be careful to not apply too much sharp pressure to the walls, this can cause cuts, scratches, or ruin the paint behind the vinyls. Our vinyl pieces are designed to have an easy removal so that you don’t have to use extra product or potentially harmful materials to remove your pieces. If you have specific questions or concerns while removing your vinys, contact our team so that we can help provide you with the solutions you need for a clean removal.

What to Do Next

If you are looking to change up the style of your walls, take a look at our other vinyls and peel and stick wallpaper options. They are just as easy to install as they are to remove and it is not a long commitment because you can easily change them.

Prepare For Installation

Once you have a clean wall free of the vinyls, use a damp microfiber cloth to clean off your walls to free any residue or debris to prepare them for your next installation. Just like our removal tutorials, we provide tips and tricks for installing vinyls and peel and stick wallpapers so you can become a pro on your next project.

Loomwell Home Goods

At Loomwell Home Goods, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to create the spaces in their home to match their aesthetic so that they can feel comfortable in each room. We provide affordable, high quality materials that are easy to install and replace so that you can consistently keep up with your changing aesthetic needs. From easy to peel and install wallpaper that looks like faux wood to beautiful vinyl decals, with us, you can find it all! Our products are the perfect solution for your temporary design needs. However, by following our installation tips and taking care of your materials, you can make your wallpapers and vinyls last. Check out our wide variety of design options after you remove your vinyls so that you can keep your home in the style you like!