Vinyl Installation Tips

Vinyl Install

Our peel and stick vinyl wallpaper is designed to create an easy installation process. At Loomwell Home Goods, we believe that home decor should be affordable and easy to install yourself so that you can create rooms that you enjoy being in. The first step to installing your vinyl wallpaper is to find the one that matches your style the best. We offer many different types of colors and patterns so that everyone can find something that matches their specific aesthetic. Once you’ve picked out your vinyl wallpaper and it arrives at your doorstep, come back to this page so that we can help set you up for success when it comes to installing!

First Things First

The first step you need to take before installing is to use a soft and damp microfiber cloth to clean off your walls. This removes any oil and debris from the wall which is imperative if you want a smooth final result. Anything that is left on the walls can leave marks and imperfections on your final look. Take the time to create a clean and clear canvas for your installation!

During this step, pay close attention to any parts of your walls that collect the most dust. If you plan on placing your vinyl strips in the area where you have outlet covers, remove those covers and put them back on after you finish installing the vinyl.

Prepare Your Vinyl

While your wall is drying off, it’s time to get your vinyl prepped. Cut the pieces of vinyl into individual pieces. Ensure that while you are cutting that you don’t get too close to the designs because you could risk cutting off the pieces you actually want on the wall. Leaving excess paper during this step is fine! You will eventually remove it in a later step, cutting them into smaller pieces makes it easier for you to move them around and actually install them. 

Map Out the Look

Once your vinyl pieces are cut out, use painters or masking tape to map out the pieces on the wall by hanigning them up with the tape to see if you like where they are placed. This is where you can get creative or play it safe. Mess around with different looks until you find the one that you like the best! Many of our vinyl patterns are designed for you to pick out where they go, whether you want them centered on the wall or spaced out to make the walls look even bigger.

For the best finished results using our vinyl pieces, we recommend laying some of the pieces together or even putting some of the pieces into the corners and onto the ceiling of the wall. This helps to give it a more “painted” appearance and the excess will be trimmed off in later steps.

Place Them on the Wall

Next, remove the paper backing and start applying the vinyls to the wall. If you have larger or more delicate pieces, remove the paper backing in half so that you can work on a little section at a time. This step is where it gets important to pay attention and not feel too rushed so that you can ensure a smooth outcome. During this step, leave the transparent transfer tape that is ontop of the vinyl intact, it helps to protect the vinyl during installment. Here is how to get the best outcome during this step:

To apply, start with removing the paper backing in the center of the vinyl moving outward while firmly pressing it into the wall.

As you apply, smooth the pieces out so that no air bubbles get trapped underneath.

Then, slowly peel the transfer tape off of the vinyl pieces.

To do so, slowly lift up and pull down while ensuring the vinyl pieces are sticking firmly to the wall. 

If you encounter any air bubbles or creases, carefully lift the vinyl (try to not overstretch) and simply reapply.

Final Steps

For the vinyl pieces that are left over on the corners of the walls or the ceilings, use a sharp knife like a box cutter to carefully remove the excess. Then continue the application process of all the other vinyl pieces. Map and start over with the other vinyl pieces if you plan on layering different patterns.

You don’t have to be a professional to install vinyl. Our vinyl is designed to be applied by anyone and by following our simple tips, you can install like a pro. We understand that sometimes you may not get it perfect on the first try, however, with our vinyl, you can have a second chance by reapplying it if something goes wrong.

Loomwell Home Goods

At Loomwell Home Goods, we understand that your sense of style may change over time so it is important to have options when you want to change your walls. With our vinyl pieces, you  don’t have to completely change or paint your walls to make it match your style. With our different options to choose from, you can find a style that suits you best. The easy to install process and removable materials means that you can change your mind anytime and go for a new style. Whether you want to add a pop of color to your master bedroom or design your dream nursery, we have something that can do just the trick! 

After following our tips and installing your vinyl, you should be left with walls that have the look you were going for. If you run into any specific questions or problems while you are installing your vinyl, contact our team and we will be happy to address your specific questions or concerns. Happy decorating!