RV Wallpaper

Recently, a new trend is the lifestyle of RV living. Many people are opting to invest in an RV to convert it into their dream home. RVs are also super popular for camping because they provide optimal space for long-stay camping. If you have an RV, you know how spacious and homelike it can feel, and you can make it feel even more comfortable by decorating it to match your style. 

At Loomwell, we have many different peel and stick wallpaper options to match your unique personality. Whether you like minimalistic designs or you are looking for designs that are out-of-this-world, you can find what you need with us! Our wallpaper is long-lasting, but also easy to replace if you decide to go with a different style in the future. Shop all of our unique designs today!

Add Dimension

If you are living a van-life lifestyle, you know that optimizing all of your spaces is key. While many vans are spacious, you can add a feeling of even more space by adding peel and stick wallpaper that adds dimension to your room. Minimalistic wallpaper is also a great option for these types of spaces because while it adds beautiful decor, it does not crowd your walls. 

Our wallpapers are great for accent walls to add a pop of color to your space. If you’re looking to get the most out of your area, consider adding an accent wall with lighter colors, especially on the same walls where you have a window. Open windows, pops of color, and beautiful designs give the illusion of a bigger space.

Jazz It Up

If you have an RV with multiple rooms, you can use our wallpaper to make each room different. From decorating the master bedroom to designing the bathroom, you can make each space uniquely its own. Whether you want a colorful wall or you want to fill your walls with beautiful landscapes, our wallpaper can do the trick. The best part of our peel and stick wallpaper is that it can last as long as you want it to with proper care, or you can easily remove it to change it or bring back the original walls. 

With our wallpaper, you can make an unlimited amount of designs in your space. This is perfect if you don’t want something permanent, especially if you plan on selling your RV in the near future. You can also match your wallpaper to the current season to give your space some warmth or coolness. Our tropical and boho wallpapers are great for the summers, bringing you your own personal oasis.

Make It You

The best part of peel and stick wallpaper is that the options are endless. You can mix and match pieces or keep everything the same. You can let your interior designer shine through by trying different pieces in different spaces to make a statement. Matching colors, tones, and designs can make your space as unique as you, and you can always switch it up when you’re ready for something new!

If patterns and designs are not your style, we also have a variety of different textured wallpaper. Textured wallpaper is a great alternative to adding brick or wood panels to your walls. Not only is it easier to install, but it is also more affordable. With textured wallpaper, you can test it on one wall in your space to ensure you like it before investing in more. We have many styles that look just like you recently installed wood or brick, while only requiring half of the work!


At Loomwell, we care about delivering you high-quality products that you can count on. We make our wallpaper durable but easy to use so that anyone can do it. Our high-quality materials allow your wallpaper to have a longer lifespan, but it is still easy to remove when you are looking for something new. Our team creates a wide variety of designs so that you can find something that fits you and your space. We also provide a variety of tutorial videos to make your process even easier. Check out our tutorials and our measurement tips to get the most out of your Lomwell peel and stick wallpaper!

Your options for design are endless with Lomwell. Whether you want to design your RV or van to make it more homey, or you want to brighten those spaces for your camping trips, our wallpaper is a perfect choice. No matter what your style is or the walls you are looking to cover, our durable and easy-to-use peel and stick wallpaper can completely transform each room. Check out all of our different styles today to see how you can bring your interior vision to life!