Office Wallpaper + Home Goods

Who says your office space and home good decor has to be boring? At Loomwell, we have the decor you need to transform your spaces. From vibrant peel and stick wallpaper to beautiful home goods fit to match your style, you can find anything you need to bring your interior vision to life with us!

Whether you like minimalistic looks or pops of color to create a vibrant atmosphere, you can find something to match your style with us! Our easy-to-use peel and stick wallpaper is perfect for adding an additional dimension to your spaces without making it permanent. With our wallpaper, you can let your creativity shine through! Check out different styles of wallpaper and mix and match them to fit your personality!

Office Wallpaper

The atmosphere of your office space is important, it can really cause an impact on your day-to-day work life. If you don’t enjoy your space, you may find that your productivity tends to decrease compared to working in a space where you feel comfortable. Add pops of color to your office spaces to help you feel rejuvenated and creative. Our peel and stick wallpaper is perfect for office spaces. It is easy to use, durable, and not permanent. So, when you move locations, you can easily take it down, bringing back the original paint. 

If pops of color are not your style, our faux texture is sure to make a statement. You can completely transform your office space by making it look like you recently had brick or wooden panels installed; you won’t even be able to tell the difference! Our faux textured wallpaper is the perfect alternative because it is easier to install, affordable, and can be easily taken down when the time comes. 

Create an Escape

If you want to create your own personal oasis, you can bring a tropical paradise to your space. Our tropical and boho peel and stick wallpapers are a great way to put yourself into a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Our beautiful designs can create an escape for you to look forward to when you are present in that room. From patterns filled with sunshine to ones that bring you a relaxing element with hues of different colors, you can make every space your ideal place. Whether you want to design your master bedroom or you are looking to change your office space, you can decorate the interior of each room with us!

Home Goods

At Loomwell, we have more than just beautiful wallpapers. We carry different types of blackout curtains and comforters to match your new peel and stick wallpapers. From blackout curtains to soft blankets, you can complete your rooms with a statement. We deliver you high-quality materials designed to last you for years to come. Our home goods are also a great housewarming gift, you can give your favorite people something special that they will be able to utilize inside of their home. 

Our bedding is made in a variety of styles to fit your vision. From comfortable solid colors to ones that have intricate designs, create a masterpiece with us. Not only is our bedding pretty, but it is also comfortable so that you can relax and have the wonderful sleep that you deserve. Check out our bedding and find the ones that match your wallpaper or mix it up to create a lively dimension inside of your rooms. 

If you are looking to add even more design to your spaces, our canvas art is the perfect addition to any room. From gorgeous scenery to mixes of colored patterns, you can match your room or make your canvas stand out by picking something different. We also offer personalized canvas options so that you can make your spaces even more personalized to your life.


All of our peel and stick wallpapers and home goods are made with high-quality materials so that you can rest assured knowing that what you get can last you for years to come. We also create a plethora of different designs so that everyone can find something that fits them. With our peel and stick wallpaper, you can easily transform every room, from your bedroom to your office, and you can easily change it when you are ready for something new.

If you are new to using peel and stick wallpaper, we have created many tutorials to help you out. We have also created measuring tips so you know exactly what to look for and order when picking out your wallpaper. With Loomwell, your options for design are endless. You can let your creative interior designer shine through! Our beautiful designs and unique home goods are sure to make a statement that creates an atmosphere where you enjoy living and working in.