Nursery Wallpaper + Homegoods

Welcoming a newborn boy or girl into your family is incredibly exciting and so is preparing your nursery! Designing a picturesque, calming space for your baby to start exploring the world is easier than ever before with Loomwell’s online peel and stick wallpaper for a nursery. Our long-lasting, fabric wallpaper is perfect for beginner parents who are preparing for their first child; our wallpaper’s damage-free, moisture-resistant nature ensures it’ll cover the walls surrounding your crib throughout your child’s infant and toddler years. Browse our entire collection of peel and stick wallpaper for your nursery and several different home goods designed to keep your newborn snug, safe, and comfortable!

Get Creative With Peel and Stick
Wallpaper Nursery Options

When you start preparing your nursery for the birth of your child, it can be difficult to determine what would look best on the walls. While some parents may choose to paint the walls, it can be an elaborate project that requires several weeks of work and maybe even the eye and vision of a professional artist. Besides, choosing the right paint color palette and ensuring the paint itself is not toxic or dangerous can be stressful and overwhelming. Loomwell changes all this by allowing parents to choose from a large variety of peel and stick wallpaper nursery options, allowing them to incorporate several different colors and patterns into the decor without worrying about exposing their child to harmful materials.

Now is the time to get creative with your child’s little sanctuary! Peel and stick wallpaper nursery selections make it easy for you to take control of the room’s interior design and create a mood and overall aesthetic that’s beneficial for your child. Whether you choose to add Loomwell’s highly professional and beginner-friendly wallpaper to all four walls or just one, you can expect incredible long-lasting results that are completely easy to install!

The Ultimate Checklist For
Designing A Nursery

If you’re getting ready for the birth of your newborn child, it’s easy to feel scatter-brained and as though you’re forgetting something. However, in addition to providing colorful peel and stick wallpaper nursery options, Loomwell also has a variety of nursery-related home goods for your child! We know how difficult it is to ensure you have everything you need, but our checklist below can help you ensure your baby can grow up in the perfect living space!

When you’re building and decorating your nursery, remember to think about:

Wallpaper - Once again, choosing the right peel and stick wallpaper nursery colors and patterns is key for creating a comforting, warm, and nurturing environment for your child.

Crib & Crib Sheets - Whether it’s a traditional crib or a bassinet, you need a safe, secure, and comfortable space for your child to sleep at night. It’s important to do your search and to pick a crib that’s the right size and has tight bolts and screws. Loomwell’s crib sheets are available for you to shop so you can match your baby’s linens to their wallpaper! Not only that, but our crib sheets are beautiful, durable, and come with a fitted sheet for your baby's comfort and safety.

Snuggle Blankets - Keeping your newborn warm during cold weather is easy with our Loomwell Snuggles, created from soft, breathable fabric that comes in a variety of colors. Whether you’d like your baby blankets to match your peel and stick wallpaper nursery selection and crib sheets, or are looking for a strong contrasting color, our online store can help! Let us help you keep your baby comfortable!

Blackout Window Treatments - Stylish window treatments from Loomwell allow you to create a gorgeous, baby-friendly nursery! Our blackout curtains are capable of making your child’s room more energy-efficient, providing an added element of privacy and allowing you to better control how much sunlight comes into the room. Make sure your baby gets the undisturbed sleep he or she needs with our colorful, high-quality blackout curtains that can also match your peel and stick wallpaper nursery choices.

Choosing The Best Textiles &
Colors For Your Newborn

It’s natural for parents to be unsure of which color or patterns they should use to decorate their nursery. While all our Loomwell peel and stick wallpaper nursery choices are high-quality and damage-free, we recommend choosing styles that match the overall aesthetic you’re trying to create. If a closely-patterned wallpaper best fits your furniture and the amount of lighting in your room, we recommend browning options that are busy and have lots of repeating designs. However, if you believe a design that’s more spread out would best compliment your baby’s room, look into peel and stick wallpaper nursery options that have more negative or white space. No matter what, wallpaper that incorporates flora, fauna, or landscapes can be perfect no matter if you’re welcoming a boy or girl.

Why Choose Loomwell’s Peel and Stick Wallpaper For Your Nursery

Create a beautiful, safe, and welcoming nursery for your newborn with the help of Loomwell and all our home good products! We are happy to help you curate a cohesive color scheme that will be an excellent space for your newborn to grow and learn. We invite you to browse through all our peel and stick wallpaper nursery options, as well as our blackout curtains and crib sheets, to find exactly what you’re looking for! Contact us today if you have any questions and place your order online now!