November 4th-6th

Black Friday is the most awaited shopping day of the year!! Whether you enjoy waking up early to race through the store to find the best deals, or you count down until midnight to shop from your favorite brands online, there is a deal for you and everyone on your shopping list on Black Friday. People eagerly await this day to get our biggest discounts ever!

Loomwell’s Black Friday home goods sale offers a variety of deals on an extensive assortment of removable wallpaper, blackout curtains, the best snuggle blankets and more home goods! While neighbors and friends clamor to get the latest electronics or trending designer clothes, you can shop from Loomwell’s variety of products to decorate your home with style and elegance. Our beautiful selection of removable wallpaper is the perfect gift to give yourself or any of your loved ones.




How to prepare

Removable wallpaper has become increasingly popular over the years because it allows you to change your home's look without hassle or fuss. When you paint your walls, you have to move furniture, cover and tape areas that you don’t want to be painted, and spend hours painting. Removable wallpaper saves you from having to paint your walls again and again which can be time-consuming and expensive. Not to mention, if you fall out of love with the color or design, painting is not temporary, and to change it you have to commit to the entire process all over again. 

We offer an assortment of different types of gorgeous removable wallpapers that can easily be installed with our peel-and-stick application process.

Skip the lines and the haggle on Black Friday this year, and shop from Loomwell’svariety of patterned and stylish removable wallpaper for any room in your home. 

Measure your spaces, order your samples, and fall in love!

Test with a sample

Before spending your time and money on your full wallpaper order, purchasing a sample ensures that not only does the wallpaper stick well to your wall, but also that the colors work well in your space!

After receiving your sample in the mail, unstick your sample from the backing and adhere to your freshly cleaned and dried wall. The strength of how well the sample adheres gives you an idea of how well a full panel could stick! Keeping in mind a full panel is heavier so you want to make sure the sample feels adequately adhered to your surface! Unstick and restick a couple of times to see just how well it adheres to your wall. Leave the sample on the wall for at least one week, and be sure to watch for peeling corners, air bubbles, etc.

Color is relative, and lighting plays a HUGE role in the way the colors will look in your unique space. Be sure to grab a few of your favorites in order to make the best choice!

It’s also a great way to see the detail each print has to offer, it is impossible to see their full beauty through a screen!

Incredible Savings

The name of the game on Black Friday is deals, deals, deals. Our removable wallpaper is already competitively priced, but during our Black Friday home goods sale they are better than you will find anywhere else. The expense associated with traditional wallpaper or painting can get costly quickly. When painting your walls you need rollers, brushes, tape, tarps, gloves, and an extensive amount of equipment to get the job done. If you are using classic wallpaper, glue and gloves are only the beginning, because as we mentioned above, the removal process can be a headache. All of the extra tools to get either job will cost you more than you bargained for. 

With removable wallpaper from Loomwell, the bargain you are getting on Black Friday is all you need to worry about. No gloves, glue, or extra tools are required. At most, you may need to pull out a ladder or use a chair to get to the higher areas of the room. But, by purchasing our superior products on Black Friday, you are saving even more money than before, and salvaging the peace of mind surrounding installation and removal, which you can’t put a price on.  

Shop Loomwell Home Goods for Peel and Stick Wallpaper & More Today!

Black Friday has become a nationwide phenomenon. It is a holiday for bargain shoppers. No matter if you camp out in front of your favorite store to rush the door upon opening, or you scroll through the low prices from the comfort of your office chair, take time to think about your home and the affordable ways you can improve it before the holiday season. Whether you are hosting the family or just need a change, removable wallpaper from Loomwell is an easy, fast, and incredibly affordable way to create an elegant and stylish look in any room of your home. Explore our entire collection during our Black Friday home goods sale and save big!