Decorate Your Home For The Holidays With Loomwell

Decorate Your Home For The Holidays With Loomwell
Decorating for the holidays can be a pain, but with the right peel and stick wallpaper, bedding, and curtains, it’s a breeze! These temporary solutions from Loomwell’s collection of trendy styles and colors are perfect for those who want to change up their house-wide holiday decor without the hassle of permanent fixtures. Plus, they’re easy to remove when the New year comes around! Here are some tips on how to use removable wallpaper, bedroom comforters, and curtains to decorate your home for the holidays!

Rolls of wall paper

Choose Your Design

First things first, you’ll need to pick out a design from Loomwell’s collection of peel and stick wallpaper. Take your time and find one that you love out of our inventory of minimalist designs and bold graphics, perfect for complimenting your Christmas or other holiday decorations! Depending on your home’s location, you may want to choose certain motifs for your temporary wallpaper; however, flannel designs, pine trees and other outdoor designs, and minimalist repetitive images can help you feel cozier and connected with the celebratory season. Once you have your perfect removable wallpaper design in mind, measure the wall where you’ll be applying the wallpaper and get ready to apply!

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Apply the Wallpaper

After you receive your long-lasting damage-free wallpaper from Loomwell, it’s time to apply the wallpaper to your wall! Follow our detailed application instructions to ensure your living room or bedroom’s walls are ready to complement your interior holiday decorations. Start by moving any furniture out of the way of the walls to ensure you can easily reach all bare areas and easily stick the Lowell temporary wallpaper on the entire surface. Prep your walls accordingly by cleaning them of dust and debris before removing your temporary wallpaper from the rolls and slowly work from left to right, even using a smoothing tool to remove any bubbles.

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Add Bedding and Curtains

To complete the full holiday look, it’s time to add some festive bedding and curtains. You can find beautiful, comfortable bedding sets and curtains by shopping around our Loomwell Homegoods collection. We recommend choosing forest green, red, or white blankets and curtains that match your removable wallpaper to ensure the entire room is well-designed! Bring the holiday spirit even more room in your home by choosing the right throw blanket to place over the top of your living room sofa or by decking out each bedroom with seasonal comforters!

Blue Curtain

Shop Loomwell’s Damage-Free Home Products Now

These Loomwell home decor solutions are perfect for homeowners and apartment renters who want to change up their holiday decor without the hassle of permanent fixtures. Our affordable removable wallpaper and well-made bedding are highly professional and are perfect for individuals who are decorating their homes for the first time.

If you’ve never used peel and stick wallpaper before around your home, our options are perfect for easy application and removal. Let our family-owned company help you make the most of your home this holiday season with our high-quality damage-free wallpaper that is safe for the bedroom, living room, bathroom, and kitchen. Custom made in the United States, our beginner-firendly products are of a fabric material and support artists within our community. 

Shop around with Loomwell online today to find the perfect removable wallpaper, blackout curtains, and bedding to help you feel the love and joy of the winter season.

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