What Is Loomwell?

What Is Loomwell?

Discover creative styles and premium quality products when you shop at Loomwell. Supporting local artists, we offer trendy and unique styles to add to your living space. Providing our customers with fun designs and renter-friendly wallpaper, we also offer cozy home goods to add to your bedrooms. We are a family-owned company that is passionate about damage-free designs and comforting home goods. We provide exceptional customer service and affordable prices, so get to shopping to discover more about what Loomwell is and offers! 

Best Peel and Stick Wallpaper

At Loomwell, you will find stunning fabric wallpaper, free of vinyl. As the perfect peel and stick wallpaper, enjoy temporary fabric wallpaper, ideal for our creative renters or DIY-ers! This removable fabric wallpaper lasts longer and gives you a damage-free removal. It’s also moisture and humidity-resistant which makes it a great choice for bathrooms or kitchens as well! 

Beautiful and Comfortable Bedding

Having both beautiful and comfortable bedding is a must! With Loomwell, you can find bedding that’s perfect for your child’s bedroom. From infants to teenagers, we have designs and patterns that are sure to delight your child. Always crafted from top-quality materials, you and your family can enjoy this bedding for years to come.

Seamless Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains help make your baby’s routine easier. They’re also a great way to ensure your busy-bodied preteen or teenager gets those few extra minutes of sleep and recuperation to build back their energy. At Loomwell, we are driven to provide our customers with seamless blackout curtains that truly keep the light out. They also come in a variety of colors or patterns to perfectly compliment your home or room’s aesthetic.

High-Quality and Long Lasting

When you shop at Loomwell, you get longer-lasting products and highly professional results. Our team is passionate about providing superior customer service and durable products you will love. By offering the best peel and stick wallpaper, we are able to help mothers, renters, vanlife goers, and even Airbnb owners, create a truly unique space.

What is Loomwell? We’re not only the best peel and stick wallpaper company, or a comfortable, loveable home goods store, we’re a brand that’s committed to providing exceptional products like never before. We offer damage-free products that are friendly to owners, renters, and DIY-ers. The possibilities are endless when you shop at Loomwell!