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Our removable vinyls come in varying shapes and sizes making it possible for you to create a custom wall design! Half set includes 6 total pieces, 1 of each piece, approximately 12-18 inches. Full set includes 12 total pieces, 2 of each piece. Vinyls in picture are not perfectly to scale. Please read measurements. Vinyls have a matte finish.

Order comes with a step by step instruction guide, any extra help, please watch our installation video on our Tutorials page! Our vinyls are compatible with painted and textured surfaces, however, because all paint, drywall, and wall textures vary so much, we recommend purchasing a sample first for vinyls to ensure it will work well for your space! Please read FAQ thoroughly before purchasing. 

Samples are always the same piece from a set and may not be to scale depending on the size of each individual piece in the set. 

Please read our FAQ page for further product details. Panels purchased at separate times may not line up correctly.

For the most accurate color reference, please refer to the individual square picture of the pattern, not the mock up or the lifestyle picture. Keep in mind the digital file and the physical wallpaper color may vary. Please purchase a sample to best see the colors in person. 

We always recommend purchasing a sample prior to placing full order! This ensures you love the color, scale, and print. This also ensures our product works fantastically with your surface and paint. 

How to measure your wall and calculate panels: 


To calculate, measure the wall you plan to install the wallpaper on. Measure the width in inches and divide it by 24. Take that number and round it up to the WHOLE number. For example if your wall is 112 inches wide, divide it by 24 and you get 4.66, that means you need 5 panels! Then measure your walls height from ceiling to baseboard and select the 4 foot, 8 foot, or 10 foot etc. option based on how tall your ceiling is. 

When calculating manually and using our our online calculator, the result should be the same. 


 Measure every 24 inches on your wall to see how many inches the last full size panel overhangs into your door frame, Measure the remaining space to see how many short panels are needed for your space.

 For the above example the customer needs 2 short panels. When ordering please leave a note with the order of the panel

 Each panel measures exactly 24 inches wide. If you measure every 24 inches you can see how many short panels you can order.

Please leave a note at checkout with if they will be A panels or B panels.

For the above example this customer would say 5 full panels (ABABA) and 2 short panels (AB).

Vaulted Walls:


I was a little bit skeptical of putting up wallpaper on my own but man, this was SO easy and SO good! It transformed our daughters room. Now I want to wallpaper the whole house!

Kamryn R.

It turned out so dang good! It was so easy to apply with the fabric-like texture--any air bubbles pushed right through the wallpaper. Highly recommend to anyone looking for high quality, beautiful wallpaper.

Austin M.